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Elle King Opens Up About PTSD and Depression Battle

Elle King, 2017 Grammys, Arrivals

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Elle King got candid about her mental health Saturday.

The singer and daughter of Rob Schneider talked about talking to her therapist about her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression and likened them to being on an acid trip.

“I made a decision yesterday that was a really f–kng hard one,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m slowly learning that prolonging and putting off that inevitable and looming painful decision or choice … ONLY CREATES MORE PAIN. AND YOURE LITERALLY JUST SITTING IN IT. I made that hard choice yesterday, and for a while it felt like my life was over. But today, while working through my PTSD with my doc, I felt that door inside of me open up just a little bit more.”

“It used to be covered in caution tape and red lights flashing DO NOT OPEN,” she said. “But I felt a cool little breeze and it wasn’t as scary peeping through. I also realized that PTSD and/or depression FOR ME, and I say for me because I can only speak for myself, is like a trip on LSD. For those of you who haven’t dropped acid…..it’s really strong, so take a lot. Jk but for real it’s gr8.”

She said she realized that when she’s been in an “altered state,” she has had “weird moments and scary thoughts.”

“But I snap out of it through the clarity and ease of the fact that A. everything is going to be ok. 2. Dude you’re on f–kin acid man,” she wrote. “In those times all I had to do was refocus and take back control of MY OWN MIND. Today, if presented with two options, I will CHOOSE the one that is most beneficial and happy for me right then and there.”

“I’ll make some healthy choices,” she continued. “Today I’ll drink water and say something nice about myself. I brushed my teeth sooosososo good too. I might even hug myself. But I’m definitely going to love myself. Just like I love all of you!!!”

King made her comments more than two months after she revealed she “skipped out” on her wedding to Scottish boyfriend Andrew Ferguson. In May, she revealed the two had secretly wed last year, three weeks after they met, and were currently separating.

E! News later learned that in April, Ferguson was arrested for domestic violence after an altercation with King. He denied the allegations and said she was under the influence at the time and that he was trying to prevent her from harming herself.

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