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Creative Finance Summit

Nigeria has the 3rd largest film industry in the world, the most successful music industry on the continent, and the 2nd largest television household market in Africa.

All these evolved without a plan, without government effort and without well-structured financing.

The Creative Nigeria Summit is a free two-day event organized by the Federal Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, in conjunction with Think Tank Media and Advertising ltd, to take the industry to a golden era with smooth access to short and long term financing, world class management and local and international distribution.

The Creative Nigeria Summit will feature plenary sessions and presentations on themes related to the challenging issues in the creative industry:
1. Fundamentals of Financing Film, Television and Music Production
2. Marketing Film, Television and Music Production
3. The Cinema Business in Nigeria, Case Study of Film house Group
4. The Bank of Industry Experience in Financing Film (Nollyfund)
5. Government’s Role in Funding the Creative Industry
This conference is targeted at the following kind of Audience:
      Television, Film and Music Industry Experts
      Banks, Venture Capital Firms & Institutional Investors
      High Net Worth Individuals
      Copyright Lawyers
      Government Regulatory Agencies
Speakers Include:  Kene Mkparu (Film House Group), Jason Njoku (Iroko TV),  Alex Okosi  (MTV Base), Adeola Bali (Finance Expert) ,Kemi Sulu (Live Nation), Sanjay Kumar (Media Guru) and a host of other key international speakers.
      Venue: Eko Hotel Convention Center
Dates: July 17–18 2017
Visit the website and follow our social media accounts for more information on how to be part of the event: www.creativenigeria.org
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