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Your Sunscreen Routine May Not Be Enough–Here’s Why

How effective is your sun protection routine? 

If you finish the day without a sunburn or an obvious tan, your answer is probably “effective.” But, if you are putting on sunscreen at the beginning of the day without reapplying every three to four hours, then you are, in fact, overexposing your skin to the sun. Or, if you’re going out the beach, your SPF may not be high enough to be effective. Here’s the thing: premature aging from UV damage occurs from a lack of exposure over time. And, the only way to avoid wrinkles and fine lines is by making sure that your protection lasts throughout the day. 

Good news: There are a few different ways to apply and reapply your sunscreen! To prep, make sure your skin is moisturized (Try: First Aid Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer for a radiant base). Next, use one of the products below!


Now you know that your protection is effective! 

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