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How to Color Correct Your Under-Eye Circles

Sometimes concealer just isn’t enough, even for celebrities.

Dark under-eye circles are inevitable. Whether you’ve inherited the shadows from your parents or they magically appear after a long night (maybe even a stressful day?), it isn’t always simple to get rid of them. Most people use concealer as a quick solve, but depending on the thickness of the formula, it might not cover much. The result: tired, wrinkled eyes that will keep just about anyone from the selfie life.

But if you want a Shay Mitchell-level glow, there’s a more effective solution! Backstage beauty professionals like PRIV artist Joanna Mkowski brighten eyes with just one step: color-correcting makeup. Between moisturizer and concealer, a cream-based, orange pigment (preferably one darker than your actual skin tone) will prevent dark circles from penetrating through your makeup.

Ready to brighten your stare? Follow the steps below!

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