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How to Avoid the Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions at the Gym

For some of us, the endorphin rush associated with working out comes before we even get to the gym. It happens when we’re picking out exercise attire. With the explosive popularity of the athleisure trend and irresistible activewear brands like Beyoncé‘s Ivy Park, dressing up to exercise can be more of a thrill than actually doing it.  

Hold up: Step away from the sports bralette.

If you’re not careful about the clothes you’re selecting for the gym, you could be at risk of pulling a Janet Jackson circa Superbowl 2004—right there on your yoga mat.

Embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions can happen anytime and anywhere, from the red carpet to the treadmill. The worst part is, you may not even realize it. So we asked celebrity trainer Kira Stokes—whose A-list clients include Candace Cameron Bure—about the most common mishaps for fitness attire, and how to avoid them.

For a workout look that’s as stylish as it is safe, check out Kira’s tips below.

The key to avoiding any bad wardrobe moment is using the dressing room as your own personal gym. “Jump around, get crazy in there,” Kira said. “Run around the store, give yourself a minute to feel how you feel in the clothing so you don’t waste money and get really frustrated with the brand that you’re buying.”

Beyond dodging a bad see-through situation or an unfortunate boob blunder, Kira said that when you’re feeling good about how you look, odds are you’re going to feel better about doing the workout.

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