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Taxify; keeping the economy moving

Jump into a Taxify and ask the questions “How long have you been driving on Taxify?” and then “How do you like it,” “what were you doing before this” and finally “has this job lived up to your expectations?” 

After about a dozen trips in, you’ll start to notice patterns. Answers ranging from “I lost my bank job sometime last year but I found Taxify and I haven’t looked back” to “I take my kids to school every morning, start Taxify before 9am and drive through the afternoon. I am still able to pick my kids and take them home, and then I can stay at home when I want and drive weekends. Taxify has been a blessing to both me and my family. No rigid 9-5, It pays the bills and I still have a life” 

Taxify launched in 2016, in the heat of the worst recession to hit Nigeria since 1986. It has since been able to bring people like Chuks Izedinor, a father of two out of the uncertainty of unemployment. According to him “it has been extremely productive to work on the platform and i have been able to live and cater for my family off what I earn. It’s definitely a platform I would recommend” 

“The earnings are good” is something you hear from a lot of drivers on Taxify. According to Taxify’s operations Manager, Uche Okafor, this is possible by only collecting 15% commissions, in contrast to competition’s 20-25%. Drivers also talk about the ease of driving, the flexible hours that makes it a great option for the unemployed but also for the underemployed. One driver who works with an accounting firm commented that he works 9-5 and Taxify’s “in the middle.” 

In a statement issued by Taxify’s operations Manager, Uche Okafor on how the ride hailing platform has been able to develop an effective and flexible vehicle to create jobs, he says “We set out to make great transportation easily accessible but we’re excited by the stories of people who have transformed their lives and those of their families because they have been able to make a living driving and earning on Taxify. One particularly inspiring story we have seen is that of  Ayo Johnson. 

Ayo was a banker with one of Nigeria’s biggest banks and was laid off in the heat of the recession with a family of four to feed and no other source of income he turned to Taxify. In his first week he made ?95,000 a figure he wasn’t even making at the bank. He’s able to provide for his family, keep his kids at their good schools and because of the flexibility of our platform,  still make it home everyday to spend time with them. There are so many Ayo’s who for one reason or another have chosen to either supplement their income with Taxify or make Taxify their primary source of income. We are happy that our presence in the Nigerian market is contributing to economic growth and easing unemployment in the country

All Taxify drivers must follow certain procedures before driving on the platform. After signing up to drive online at partners.taxify.eu and submitting all relevant authentic documents, they are trained and pass through an onboarding process before driving on the platform. Drivers are then evaluated by passengers after each trip to ensure that quality is maintained. 

Taxify is an international tech company, founded in Europe’s Estonia. 

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